The Ontario Bird Records Committee (OBRC)

OBRC decisions about rare bird reports are published as an annual report in the August issue of Ontario Birds. Anyone, not just the finder, can and should send in reports. Often they complement one another and make the documentation stronger. It is important for the committee to review these observations for the official provincial record. We need your documentation including photographs, a sketch, or videos if available.

Review List
Review List
Review List
Review List

The Committee MakeupTop

The Committee is composed of a panel of experts and has a rotating membership. The Committee members are:

Voting Members: Josh Vandermeulen (chair) , Bill Lamond, Blake A Mann, Amanda Guercio, Don Sutherland, Barbara Charlton, Paul Pratt
Secretary (non-voting): Mike Burrell
Asst. to the Secretary (non-voting): Ken Burrell
Asst. to the Secretary (non-voting): Barbara Charlton
ROM Liaison (non-voting): Mark Peck