Recent Trip Reports

April 3 2024 (Wednesday) Long Point

Leader: Stewart MacDonald.

OFO - Ontario Field Ornithologists April 3 2024 7 very dedicated birders accompanied Outing Leader Stewart MacDonald on this day. The conditions for birding were difficult, with persistent high winds and rain throughout the morning. However, we were rewarded with some good sightings on this day, as the weather did not prevent the group from enjoying the outdoors! 45 Species of birds were sighted by the group, including 17 Waterfowl Species. However, songbird sightings were limited as many of the more common species that we would have expected to see, were hunkered down. Even the Bird Banding at Old Cut Observatory was limited for the day. We started the outing at the Headquarters of Birds Canada, and observed a number of species in the Pond, most notably Hooded Mergansers (3 females) and several pairs of Ring-Necked Ducks and Gadwall. We then drove west along Lakeshore Road and stopped at the Lee Brown Wildlife Area, to observe other Waterfowl Species. Continuing from there, we spotted a Northern Harrier, and 2 Bald Eagles at an active nest. We were unable to spot any large groups of sandhill Cranes, but we came across a pair of Cranes engaged in a Courtship Dance which thrilled the group! Driving down the Causeway, we stopped twice to view Waterfowl at the Platforms on the Causeway, but the high winds had driven many of the ducks in Long Point Bay to shelter. However, 4 Long-Tailed Ducks were a pleasant surprise as they flew close to us. Continuing towards the Old Cut Observatory, we stopped a few times to observe Waterfowl and also walked on the Long Point Trail. Good sightings of Green-Winged Teal, Northern Shovellers and Northern Pintails provided excellent views for the group. Arriving at the Parking Lot at Old Cut, we observed a Bald Eagle on an active nest, at fairly close range. Walking around the Old Cut Woods and into Long Point Provincial Park, Songbird sightings were limited due to the weather, although some Eastern Phoebes entertained us with their persistent tail bobbing. I would like to thank the 7 participants for their enthusiasm and endurance in the poor weather conditions and I believe we all enjoyed the day! Thankyou to Norman Franke for sending his photos.

Surf Scoter
Photo: Barry Cherriere