Enabled Birding

Help make birding for EveryBody!

Ontario has terrific birding sites. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find out about the accessibility features before you leave home! This means many nature lovers may struggle when choosing the best trails or locations that suit them. 

Ontario Field Ornithologists, Birds Canada and Toronto Ornithological Club and have teamed up, with the help of ESRI Canada, to create an interactive map featuring the accessibility details of 12 great Ontario birding sites. More sites to come in the future!

Help build a map that will enable you to explore the accessibility of your new favourite bird site.

So far:

•        We chose 12 birding sites (see map below) for trail assessment. 

•        We made simple apps to get details about each site including obstacles, trail width, trail surface type and amenities like washrooms and benches.

We are looking to: 

•        Recruit volunteer teams. Each team will have at least 2 nature lovers including at least one who has experienced barriers while trying to access nature.

•        Train teams to use the 3 apps on the trails.

•        Have teams assess the first 12 locations in Spring 2023.

•        Have the map go live in Summer 2023 – just in time for Fall Migration!

How can you get involved?

•        Apply to volunteer or contact enabled@ofo.ca with questions, to share your ideas and to get on the mailing list! 

•        Watch on YouTube: Enabled: Connecting with birds despite a disability (Panel) featured during the Toronto Bird Celebration, Spring 2021

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Photo: Don Wigle

American Goldfinch
Photo: Mark Peck

Photo: Barry Cherriere

American Tree Sparrow
Photo: Daniel Cadieux