2018 Bruce Di Labio, Paul Pratt and Tom Hince

Hello Ontbirders,

Wondering how we did? Tom Hince, Paul Pratt, and myself just wrapped up our Big Sit fundraiser for the Ontario Field Orthithologists. We picked a spot on the west side of the Tip of Point Pelee National Park. Park staff (especially Sarah Rupert) kindly allowed early access to the Tip and were very supportive. Many friends dropped by through the day offering support and even adding a bird or two to the list. The weather was a challenge but we sheltered under the tailgate of the van when the rains came and Kathi Cavanaugh Hince brought us hot coffee and a hot lunch to keep us going. Michael A. Biro brought some hot potatoes and a gnatcatcher. Mike Runtz snagged the only Bay-breasted Warbler of the day. The top birds were a heard only Smith's Longspur (rattle call), six Red-throated Loons, 20 species of warblers, and all three scoters. Big misses were American Crow, Chimney Swift and Red-bellied Woodpecker. And drum roll please. The grand total was 110 species smashing the previous Pelee Big Sit record!

Thanks to all those who contributed to the OFO fundraiser.

It was fantastic for us to do a big day together after almost seventeen years (since breaking the North American big day record!).

Thank you,

Tom, Paul and Bruce