Celebrity Birdathon

For 2017, the OFO Celebrity Birders are Jeremy Bensette, Dan Riley and Josh Vandermeulen. Dan and Josh and Jeremy will be completing a Big Day within the confines of the Point Pelee count circle sometime in mid-May, and look forward to raising funds for OFO in the Great Canadian Birdathon.

The Great Canadian Birdathon (formerly the Baillie Birdathon) is the oldest sponsored bird count in North America. Your tax deductible donation supports Bird Studies Canada, various bird observatories and monitoring programs such as the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey. It also supports the James L. Baillie Memorial Fund which provides grants primarily to amateur field ornithology researchers. As well, a portion of all donations pledged for the OFO Team will be returned to OFO and will be specifically earmarked to the OFO Young Birders Program. Please be generous and make your pledge today!

Click here for the Birdathon Brochure.